How It Works

MyCleanPC PC Cleaner is a computer optimization software that finds & repairs adware and other items that can affect browser speed, security, and general system performance.

Free Diagnosis

The diagnosis portion of is 100% free, and no credit card is required. This free diagnosis will scan your computer for adware and other items that can cause slow performance, crashes, and instability.

Full Version

After your free scan, you'll be given the option to activate the PC Cleaner software by purchasing an activation code online. Once you purchase this code, you'll be able to activate your software and start repairing adware and other issues in minutes. When you purchase an activation code for PC Cleaner, you'll also get free antivirus software to remove viruses, spyware, and other online threats!

No Shipping

The software download and activation all happen online. There's never a need for you to go to a store or wait for your software to arrive in the mail. You can start repairing issues as soon as you activate your software.

This easy-to-use software will find issues with your computer performance in minutes.

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