Client Information List

Information that USTechSupport may collect with your authorization.
Operating System Version
Operating System Environment Variables 1
Boot Configuration Profiles and Properties
NET Framework Version
Browser Version
Browser Helper Objects and Plug-ins Installed
CODEC Files and Properties
Services Running on Your Computer
Startup Commands Active on Your Computer
CPU Type and Properties
Network Adapter Type and Properties
Video Adapter Type and Properties
Mother Board Type and Properties
CD ROM Type and Properties
Disk Drive Type and Properties
Disk Drive Health Statistics (SMART Chip Data)
Physical Memory Size and Properties
Audio Adapter Type and Properties
Disk Partition Properties
Network Shares and Properties
Free Memory Space
Memory Cache Size
Number of Active OS Objects such as Threads, Mutexes, Semaphores, and Sections
Registry Quota Used
System Up Time
Current CPU Usage Level
CPU Peak Usage Level
TCP/IP and ICMP (Network) Message Error Counts
Computer Daily Usage Patterns
Windows Update Settings
DNS Servers Selected
Screen Settings for DPI, Task Bar Height, and Visual Effects Settings
Installed Programs
MAC Addresses of WiFi Access Points You Have Visited
Threat Definition Version Number
Open Network Ports
Fonts Installed
Operating System Crash Data
Scan Started Information
Scan Stopped Information
Scan Completed Information
Registry Key Changes Possibly Made by Malware
File Detections Possibly Made by Malware
Host File Changes
Requests to Purchase USTechSupport Software
Files Being Added to Malware White List
Previously Quarantined File Being Removed from Quarantine
Visit to a Site Known to Host Malware
Malware Detected on This Machine
USTechSupport Software Crash Log


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